How to create a custom Plan Kitchen

3D Planner Pro is an ultimate kitchen-planning tool that allows you to create a custom kitchen plan, without leaving your house. No more costly mistakes or tiresome attempts to describe your desired custom kitchen to the manager of kitchen remodeling company. Creating a kitchen of your dream has never been easier, just follow these simple steps and save your project in MY ACCOUNT:

1. Open 3D Planner Pro

2. Click on Room Layout

3. Select a layout that you deem most appropriate for your custom kitchen

4. Open the layout in 2D mode

5. Zoom in or zoom out by clicking on one of the connection points (point where lines intersect) and dragging it in the desired direction


If significant alterations of the plan are required, they can be accomplished the following way:

1. Select Delete Tool

2. Choose the line you want to delete and click on it with left button of your mouse

3. After that select Edit Tool

4. Draw a new line(s), where you envision them to be. It is very important for the lines to intersect and interconnect properly.

Your custom kitchen plan is ready and now you can add kitchen elements you like, as well as select textures, colors and accessories!