How to edit an Existing Collection

The easiest way to visualize a kitchen of your dreams is to modify one of the layouts from a prebuilt collection.
In order to do so, follow these steps:

1. Open 3D Planner Pro

2. Click on Collections

3. Choose the desired collection

4. If your need to modify kitchen’s plan, click here to learn how to do that

5. In case new elements need to be added, click on Inventory and select the desired items

6. Inventory is divided in two subcategories: floor units and wall units. Simply click “Choose” button to add a desired element to your kitchen plan

7. Element added to the plan can be modified by clicking on it with left button of your mouse and dragging it to the desired place (using drag and drop method). In order to rotate the element, just drag the rotating arrows to the needed direction.

Items that are offered in several variants (for example in different colors) can be selected in the following way:

1) Choose the desired element

2) Click on the “current selection” tab and if the item is offered in several variants, all of them will be presented.

Prices on the items included in your kitchen plan are displayed in real time.

In order to see a more detailed preview of items and prices, just click on the cart tab.