Web Based & Easy To Use

Planning a kitchen can be exhausting both for the client and for the contractor. Multiple trips to the office, misunderstanding and human error are very common during kitchen renovation. Luckily, there is a better way. 3D Planner Pro is an advanced web based kitchen design tool that can help you create a kitchen of your dreams from the comfort of your home. User-friendly interface allows anyone use it with ease. Intuitive design and multitude of options will help not only create the perfect layout of your kitchen, but also see the complete project with color palette, floor and wall units, accessories and flooring. With 3D Planner Pro, you will be able to express yourself, try out multitude of textures, colors and designs until you find every bit of your future kitchen to your liking.

Shopping Cart Ready ( Magento 2 Compatible )

If you are running a Magento 2 E-Commerce business and are in need of a proactive approach to optimize your work and manage multiple projects with ease, 3D Planner Pro is exactly what you need. 3D Planner Pro is a multifunctional web based kitchen design tool tailored specifically for seamless work with Magento 3 E-commerce platform. The intuitive design of 3D Planner Pro makes it a perfect choice for the clients of home renovation companies, as they can create a project from scratch without making multiple trips to the office. Option of multiple catalogues upload facilitates clients’ choice, giving them an opportunity to not only select the layout of the kitchen, but also choose various items such as flooring, wall and floor units, textures and colors, preferred materials and even accessories. Unlimited upload allows adding detailed description and price to any item offered by the contractor company, as well indicating price for every variation of item’s material, color and shape.

Easy Adapting to any planning Industry

In case your business is a part of home remodeling industry, you are most likely familiar with commotion that goes hand in hand with project planning. Numerous visits from client, human error, delays in work due to the changing wishes of the customer, all of that can be easily avoided with proactive web based kitchen design tool, which will change your approach forever. 3D Planner Pro allows your clients to create the project of their dreams from the comfort of their armchair. All you have to do is upload the items you offer and add price and description. Leave the rest to the 3D Planner Pro. With this advanced tool, your clients will be able to indicate the measurements of their room, select the best layout simply by dragging it from the multitude of variants, choose the wall and floor units, materials and color palette.

If you want to design your own kitchen, there is no better way than to use kitchen planning tool 3D Planner Pro! It’s a convenient and user-friendly online kitchen planner that is packed with every possible feature needed for creating a perfect kitchen for your lifestyle.

Here are some of 3D Planner Pro features that make it uniquely suitable for the task:

  • It is 100% compatible with Magento 2 E-Commerce platform and easy to install

  • It was created specifically to facilitate the process of designing and ordering kitchens

  • It allows users to switch between 2D and 3D modes, providing better visualization of their project

  • Allows adding unlimited amount of products or collections, giving more options for users and facilitating work of the company doing kitchen remodeling

  • Allows adding room layouts of any complexity, giving users a chance to perfectly tailor their design for specific kitchen dimensions

  • Allows to easily add textures and decorative accessories, whether they are extras or non-products

  • Allows users to save their current progress with one click in MY ACCOUNT (user has to be logged in)

  • Allows manager to view client’s project in 3D and approve it, which saves considerable amount of time, both for client and company accomplishing kitchen remodeling

  • Offers abundance of design tools, such as precise measuring option, editing of wall colors and textures, removal of layout’s elements, addition of text, lock plan and many more

  • Includes possibility to use various measurement units: inch, m, cm and mm

  • Allows easily using its features by dragging and dropping needed elements

  • Allows using mouse to zoom in or out on the project, providing better visualization for the client

  • Allows client to upload and download kitchen design, which is very convenient if client wants to print it, but does not have printer at home

  • Provides overall project’s cost preview in real time, helping user decide whether adding or removing certain features is in compliance with his budget

  • Includes cross browsing support (browsers’ list), which further facilitates its usage by the client

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