How it works ?

3D kitchen planner

Simplicity of use is a cornerstone of 3D kitchen planner 3D Planner Pro.

Usually traditional kitchen remodeling can be quite challenging and nerve-raking. People need to find a reliable contractor, come personally to the office, discuss what they want with designer, lose time and the result can be completely disappointing, because the materials or shades of color used by contractor can differ greatly from what the client wants due to simple misunderstanding.
All that hustle and costly mistakes can be completely avoided with kitchen planning tool 3D Planner Pro. The only thing that the client will need is a PC with Internet connection and just a little a bit of time to easily visualize the kitchen he wants. Our kitchen planner allows to calculate exact dimensions of the layout as well as to find perfect combination of colors and textures that will fully correspond to the design the client has in mind. It also facilitates work for contractors, as they won’t have to make multiple corrections and lose additional time to fix discrepancies.

1. Installation

Integration of our kitchen-planning tool is very simple. After 3D Planner Pro is installed in Magento 2 Ecommerce platform, one can upload all products with price lists and add 3D elements for better visualization.
After opening 3D planner client will be able to choose either one of the ready-to-use layouts from a prebuilt collection or start from scratch choosing elements of layout, adding various details and choosing combinations of colors that he deems most appropriate for the design he wants. When the design is complete, client will be able to calculate the overall cost of the project using price list and place his order.

2. Simple to use Interface

We have tried our best and succeeded in creation of interface that can be easily used by any user. It includes all features necessary for designing a perfect kitchen. User will be able to get precise dimensions of the layout, edit wall textures and colors, add decorative accessories in EXTRAS, switch between 2D and 3D mode, zoom in and out of any part of layout and finally save the completed project in MY ACCOUNT.


After client creates the design of the kitchen he wants, he can add the project to the shopping cart with one click. Shopping cart will allow him to see the complete cost of the project as well as to choose payment method and delivery option.
As soon as the order is placed, manager will receive a copy of 3D plan in order to preview the elements positioning (same goes for furniture assembly team).